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Dedicated to the happiness of all families!

FamilyHeart Services

FamilyHeart offers two primary services...
1) Advertisement Opportunity for LOCAL merchants and organizations
2) Website/Home Page development for families, merchants and organizations

1) Advertising on FamilyHeart: FamilyHeart's focus is on our great Northern Colorado community. We wish to support not only our family community, but also our community merchants. Our intent is to replace all national/internet advertisements on the FamilyHeart webpage with local merchant advertisements. FamilyHeart is very flexible in how we can assist local merchants with their advertisement needs. We can accommodate merchants who wish to anchor the entire FamilyHeart site, a FamilyHeart page or even a simple HTML link. FamilyHeart's pricing is simple, we look at other local websites to determine their advertisement costs, then we drop that price
by at least by 10%.

2) SharpNET Solutions Website Promotion Consulting: Merchants are quickly discovering the advantages of a strong internet presence. The internet can lead customers to your door and turn a local store into a national competitor. Mom and Pop shops in Northern Colorado can sell products in Boston, provided there is a good internet marketing campaign and mail order fulfillment resources. Unfortunately, getting listed on a search engine is not enough. The difference between a top 20 search engine listing and the #50 position may mean thousand of missed opportunities per day. What key words are pulling in customers? Where do the internet surfers hang out? How can you advertise on another web page? Why are you listed low on one search engine and high on the other? Each type of business requires it's own unique internet marketing strategy. For less than the cost of one months local (paper) advertisement, you can set up a strong internet presence that will increase your visibility for the long run. Once established on the Web, the internet works for you 24hrs a day. The internet provides information that customers are looking for. An internet searcher has time to research their products, compare prices and make an informed decision. By the time they come to your business, they are ready to buy.

SharpNET Solutions knows the ins-and-outs of website promotion: Beyond the search engines, banner advertising and link pages. We can take your site out of the 100th search engine slot and place you in the hot spots. We can establish a proven banner advertisement campaign, get you on link site, publications and in the spotlight. The best part is that this can all be done for less than you might spend on a few weeks of traditional advertisement. SharpNET also guarantee our services. If your internet presence increases only slightly, then our service is free. We're serious about making a significant improvement, no risk to you! It's time to get noticed, your competitors may have already started.

Whatever your needs are, use either the FamilyHeart E-Mail link or
SharpNET Solutions E-Mail
address to tell us what you need. For more information, visit the SharpNET Solutions Website We'll provide you a quote and other input that may need to be considered.

Please contact us for any questions that you have,

Thank you,

FamilyHeart & SharpNET Solutions