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Feel free to contact us for any reason: Questions, comments, suggestion, recommendations, whatever!
SharpNET Solutions

Feel free to contact us for any reason: Questions, comments, suggestion, recommendations, whatever!
SharpNET Solutions

Our 50 cents about Internet Promotion Services

Open a new door of opportunity: Internet strategies that bring traffic to your web site. Increase your Internet ROI: Let Your Presence Be Known

SNS offers the highest quality and most complete Internet marketing services available. Read on to find out how.

Quality Rules the Internet
Quality web site promotion draws viewers to web sites. Quality web sites create bookmarks and word-of-mouth referrals. To survive on the Internet, you need both. The Internet is a dynamic network, static web sites fall short. Marketing adaptation, creativity and diligence is vital. All things considered, you're competing for viewer attention against 90 million web pages, SNS will make you stand out.

What is Quality Marketing?
If it starts with "AUTO" then it lacks quality. Auto-submit software has it's place, however if your marketing plan is centered around it, then get ready for disappointment. Doorway generation and search engine submittal software cannot cope with competitors, search engine algorithm alterations, banner ad campaigns, suggest emerging markets, find new trends, learn, consult, exchange links, generate press releases, manage affiliate programs, etc... SNS can, SNS will. Quality marketing is a combination of know-how, effort and creativity. You should expect personal attention with your account, constant communications and a sincere effort to expand your business. Many so called web site promotion businesses will have you fill out a form and provide your credit card number. Then they conjure up a few doorway pages and use auto-submit software to get you noticed. Of course your Internet traffic will increase some because you're now on the Internet. However you'll fall significantly short of your potential. Whoever you chose to promote your site, be sure that they study your business, your market, competitors and are not limited to search engines. You should expect the same attention that you would receive through a traditional advertisement marketing organization. Would you expect a traditional media marketer to say "Fill out this form and we'll begin promoting your company?" Certainly not, and the Internet is no different.

Is it Worth it?
If done properly, marketing your site can be very lucrative. There are billion dollar businesses entirely based on the Internet. The potential is limitless. But take warning, the Internet can drain your pocket book faster than anything on Earth (except gambling). SNS has savvy with low-cost, high impact promotion. If we can save you a few bucks, we will. Our patrnetships and experience can land you a few powerful promotional devices for free, which cost the general public considerably. SNS studies the market field constantly. We've found that not only are our services second to none, but that our prices are well below average (full service marketing). We could charge more, however we wouldn't feel right in doing so. Our goal is to offer, hands-down, the best value marketing solutions available. Let us show you what we can do for you.

For a free web site evaluation, or to begin your Internet campaign, please send a detailed e-mail to SharpNET Solutions or call us
at 970.472.5331 . We're eager to hear from you.

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