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Professional Internet Web Site Promotion and Marketing. For businesses serious about Internet traffic.
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Internet web site promotion and marketing Feel free to contact us for any reason: Questions, comments, suggestion, recommendations, whatever!
SharpNET Solutions

Feel free to contact us for any reason: Questions, comments, suggestion, recommendations, whatever!
SharpNET Solutions

Low Cost, High Power Professional Internet Promotion Services

Open a new door of opportunity: Internet strategies that bring traffic to your web site. Increase your Internet ROI: Let Your Presence Be Known

SNS offers the highest quality and most complete Internet marketing services available. Read on to find out how.

The Human Touch
SNS offers professional, dedicated services for our clients. We do not rely on software to build your Internet Presence. Each client is assigned a Marketing Representative who operates under the guidance of our Search Engine Engineers and Marketing Specialists. You're given the name and e-mail address of your personal representative. We will remain in constant contact with you; learning your business, your competitors, announcing our results and planning together. If your business is in proximity to ours, we'll chat over coffee and end with a handshake.

The Pay and Pray Service
The majority of all Internet promotional services are what SNS considers "Pay and Pray" services. This is where you fill out a form, give your URL and a credit card number. You Pay a cool grand or two and pray that you get a grand's worth of work. The truth is, you don't. Marketing staffs are replaced by clever computer programs and automated software.The human touch is gone and the results are obvious. SNS practices Web Site Evolution: an iterative process of tuning and tweaking your web pages and doorways until our mutual goals are EXCEEDED. Web Site Evolution never stops until your are #1. As long as you're paying, we're working diligently. Automated software has it's place, and SNS will use it to hook up with thousands of FFA, eZine, and link exchanges sites. However, when it comes to the top 30 search engines, entries are individually optimized, submitted, verified and monitored.

Search Engines are the Easy Part
Each client has very specific needs, requiring a completely original marketing strategy. Some clients generate the bulk of their traffic off search engines, others from banners, partnerships and links. SNS will develop partnerships for you, build links on relevant web pages, generate a press release, and manage your Internet advertisement activities. Marketing strategies extend far beyond the Search Engines. We have highly successful clients who are intentionally not listed on search engines! SNS will show you how to use traditional advertisement means to boost your internet traffic, build an affiliate program or how to create an eZine for accelerated sales. Search engines are the easy part, we build relationships, campaigns and successes.

We Know Business
SNS knows how to market. We have access to powerful Internet traffic statistics. Which key words work, which seem like they should but don't? How many hits can you expect? What are your competitors doing and how can you keep ahead? What can you expect each step of the way? What are the risks and benefits? Strategies catered to local, national and international efforts. These consulting services are free to Promotional clients... automated software can't do this, only the human touch.

What Now?
You won't find a request form at the SNS site, just an e-mail link. Tell us about your Promotional needs. If you already have a web page, please include your URL and a phone number. If you need a web page, tell us what you have in mind. Our web page design rates very competitive. Once we receive your information, SNS will evaluate your web site and generate many useful first-glance recommendations. Shortly thereafter we will contact you by phone and give you a run-down of what we can do to help you. If you decide to work with SNS, you'll be assigned a marketing representative. We'll schedule a time for an in-depth interview with your/our representative to "get the ball rolling." The web site evaluation is free of charge, should you decide to not use our professional services.

To begin your free evaluation, please e-mail SNS

Your Internet Campaign:
Your campaign will begin with a detailed web presence evaluation, determining your web site goals and integrating your site into the NET, while providing a low cost solution. Our quality service and customer dedication will get you where you want to be.

Basic Service
*Free Interview to learn your business, needs and style
*Identification of most frequently used key words for your business/services/products
*META Tag, content, and layout optimization for search engines on current web pages
*Creation of doorway pages, as many as it takes, no limits to generate top ranking sites
*500 Search Engine, FFA, eZine, etc. submittals for each web page and doorway page
*Hand entered and optimized search engine submittals for the top 30 search engines
*Web site evolution: SNS continuously fine tunes your site until all goals are exceeded
*Monthly (or when needed) URLs and Doorway search engine, FFA, or newsletter submittals
*Monthly (or per request) progress reports, communications, and account updates
*Maintain a professional and family-friendly promotional environment
*The Human Touch

Standard Service
*All Basic services
*Creation of mirror sites when needed
*Establishment of links on key web sites where possible
*Recommendation, creation and management of advertisement activities (<$5k/month)
*Recommendation, creation and management of beneficial memberships (RSAC, etc.)
*Knowledge and implementation of effective yet free or discounted promotional medias and
*Free web site marketing research and recommendation

Premium Service
*All Basic Services
*All Standard Service features
*Extended promotional services
*Free extended consulting to help you expand your capabilities and enter new markets
*Management of your Internet Community (message boards, chats, newsletters)
*Diligent effort in building key partner web site relationships
*Creation and Management of an affiliate program for explosive sales
*Creation and Management of an eZines and e-mail marketing program
*Creation and Management of paid advertisements on your web site and newsletters.

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Let Your Presence Be Known!