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Why Rank On Top?

There are five primary sources for 'getting found' on the Internet.
1) Search Engines
2) Links off other pages
3) Your URL in a newspaper/magazine advertisement
4) Advertisements on other web sites
5) eZines
6) Word of mouth

When surfers search the internet, primarily all visited web sites reside with in the first two pages of a search engine list. Your chances of being found (in volume) beyond the first few pages is bleak. Developing your web site without proper promotion can actually HURT your business. Here's why...

A Poor Ranking
*You invest time and money into your site, but you get nothing back in return (web site viewers).
*Your competitors are listed better and all surfers visit their site.
*If you cant rank well on the internet, what does that tell viewers about your business?

A Strong Internet Presence
*Capture the attention of potential customers, draw them to your business.
*Individuals who find information on your web site and go to your business are 'informed' customers; they are ready to BUY!
*Tap into a new customer resource.
*Spread your business name around, make new impression.
*Be regarded as a 'current times' company.
*Sell your merchandise/service around the world (why not?)
*Provide business information as a service to current clients (store hours, sales, awards, new products, etc.)

The Human Touch vs. Auto-submit
Most auto-submit programs simply submit your URL to a long list of search engines, FFA and link sites. Unfortunately, this won't help you much. Getting your URL out there is very important, however it's a futile effort if your web page is not search engine worthy. To make things worse, you'll get literally hundreds of e-mails back from auto-response link sites that want nothing more than to sell you their product of the day. More than half of all sites that receive your URL are interested in only one thing... your e-mail address. They will market you relentlessly, good luck. SNS knows where and how to get your URL noticed, without the reciprocal spam. There's one more issue that's critical to know: Most respectable search engines will flat out ignore auto-submit URLs. In fact, some will even ban your URL!

Technology has recently produced several high quality auto-submit software programs that are even endorsed by the popular search engines. However they still fall short of the Human Touch. Clever software programs do not practice web site evolution, the can't recommend new markets, or manage banner ad campaigns. Search engines are a very important fundamental, however ignoring alternate traffic generators can mean the difference between success and failure. With SNS, you won't fail.

Mastering search engine ranking is a web site marketing fundamental, SNS excels here. We pride ourselves in achieving excellent search engine ranking during our first phase of web site evolution. However should we fall short on a few key words, we'll try it again until you're up on top.