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Web Site Resources

Internet Communications, ICOM ('s host), is offering 45mb of space at only $8.95 per month and allows cgi-bin, MS FrontPage extensions and counter log files. E-commerce, credit cards and virtual hosting services are also available. SNS strongly recommends Internet Communications. To see for yourself, Click Here For ICOM

Domain Name Registration
If your want to register your own Domain Name or to see if one your had in mind is available, just enter it here.

Internet Service Provider
SurFree struck SNS as a well rounded and high value ISP, we recommend you give them a try. Reach the SurFree Home Page

Web Page Resources

Affiliate Program
SNS has guided several clients to LinkShare with great success. If you're interested in generating additional revenue on your web site, we recommend that you Check out LinkShare

Free Clip Art
One of the truely free clip art and graphics web sites. iBAND allows unlimited, unrestricted use of it's graphics. Clip Art is provided by iBAND

Free Search Engine Submission
For the do-it-yourselfers, here's SNS's favorite free auto submit web site. Be sure your web pages are in good working order, META tags, titles, browser compatibility, etc. before submitting. It's difficult to remove a bad page once it gets on, so verify everything prior to submitting. Free submission is at RedESubmit.

Free web page tools
BeSeen, by LookSmart, has a great web page resource service. Get a free chat room, guest book, hit counter, bulletin board, site search and more. Just go to BeSeen.

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