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What can a Web Site do for your business?
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Why should your business have Web site?

Increase Profits by Increasing Sales
  • Your present customers will buy more
  • Your Web site can help sell to new customers.
  • Large businesses have them, and expect those that they do business with to also have Web sites
  • Customers are be more likely to purchase additional products when they see them on your Web site.
  • Internet Customers find information prior to visiting your business; informed customers are ready to BUY
  • Internet shopping and information searching is convenient and works 24 hours per day

Improving Service

  • Your Web site can provide information and services around the clock
  • An online catalog is easy to modify, however traditional media catalogs cannot be altered without great expense.
  • Web site e-mail and communications avoids phone-tag
  • You can review web site activity reports and quickly adjust your Web site accordingly.
  • You can add or change material to a Web site inexpensively.
  • Your Web site will let visitors decide themselves what they want to review.
Reducing Your Business Expenses
  • Your Web site will reduce the cost of selling. Your cost for a Web site visitor is very low
  • A Web site can reduce your need for additional sales and service personnel
  • Automated mailing lists send the same email message to hundreds of customers for nearly the same cost as sending to one
  • Automated answers to common questions are easy to produce
  • Email is a cheaper services than courier, postal mail, faxes or phone calls -- and faster

Other Reasons

  • Keep ahead of your competitors, keep viewers at your site and not theirs
  • Get ready for electronic commerce
  • Have a good technology image