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All About Search Engines:

The 20 top Search engines generate approximately 95% of all internet searches. When a search engine lists your site on their directory, the content within your site is often used to categorize your site. Indexing resources on a webpage include your page title, META tags, content, comments, links, popularity, HTML style, and much more. Unfortunately, each search engine has it's unique indexing algorithm. What might get you listed in the top 10 on excite might land you position #175 on Alta Vista and wont even get you a listing on YAHOO! Knowledge of what makes each search engine tick is not an easy task. This includes knowing exactly which key words surfers will use. Optimization primarily involves learning the hard way, word of mouth and success based on failures. The layman's term for a skilled individual in this arena is the 'Search Engine Engineer.' The title is well deserved!

To complicate things, search engine placement is dynamic! This means if your #1 today, you might not be #1 tomorrow. In fact, your listing may be completely gone tomorrow. Your internet presence is a constant evolution, if the ranking efforts stop, your rank will fall. Web sites must evolve with each individual search engine. This is referred as 'web site baby-sitting' and involves constant search engine and customer content updating. Then there is the matter of your competitors, who may chose to copy your META tags to help their site along. You have to fight this and get back on top.

All search engines offer various advertising opportunities to put you on the top of their list (GOTO, Alta Vista and others). Some of these costs can be cleverly circumvented, if you know what you are doing. You can spend a fortune and still not draw internet traffic to you web site because you chose the WRONG keywords, directory or technique.

There are also many dangers involved with search engines. If web site submittals are not done correctly, a search engine may choose to ban your site or severely punish your ranking. Legal implications are at stake if you SPAM your site. SharpNET will guide your site to a spotlight position, free from the dangers of the NET.

Here's an example> The key word "family" is a top ten search term for the engine. So logically, you would think that the key word "loveland family" would draw a lot of traffic. This is dead wrong! Many people use "family" and many use "loveland", however only a handful of people use "family loveland" in their search. Targeting these key words on a 'loveland family' internet site would be a waste of time! Oh, and what about... 'loveland, colorado family', 'loveland CO family' or 'family, loveland colorado?' On some search engines the syntax matters (where the commas are, which word comes first.) On other engines the syntax may not matter. You need to know which engine does what, as well as which key words people use.

Information on this page is only the tip of the iceberg and pertains only to search engines. There's a science behind low cost, mass-advertisement opportunities, local promotion, establishing links from other web sites (very critical), and.. and.. and... SharpNET Solutions can guide you through the internet FOG. Let Your Presence Be Known!
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